App Success is not a streak of luck, it takes careful planning, implementation, and execution. ClickGenie Media has been in the trenches of APP STRATEGY since 2009. Our portfolio of app developers are proof to our success. Whether you are looking for app design, or app marketplace strategy, we have the experience and know-how to get you there.



You could have invested time and hard earned money on building an impressive app, but it lacks one thing- APP DISCOVERY. At ClickGenie Media we connect you to a portfolio of successful app developers that can distribute your app. All our relationships are one-on-one with our developers and our app portfolio makes APP DISCOVERY 100% Possible.



Whether it is In-App Purchasing, Freemium, Cost Per Download, or Subscription based model; we will take you step-by-step to insure that your app achieves the right goal. ClickGenie Media strives to optimize your app to the point of profitability without ever having to sacrifice user experience.

About ClickGenie Media

Since 2008, the app marketplace has been flooded by app companies, mobile ad networks, and app developers trying to make an impact on the mobile frenzy. ClickGenie Media was created with the app developer in mind. Since we are developers ourselves, and have years of industry experience, we recognized the 3-major pain points that developers go through- App Strategy, Discovery and Monetization. Many of our clients have come to us because they know we can create and execute a plan that will point them to success.



I was literally earning $7.00 per day using the traditional ad networks for my apps with very little app distribution. After only one month of working with ClickGenie Media, I was generating over $287 per day! - Raheel Iqbahl; Tenlogix

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